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We are the professional supplier of venting products in China.
Our management principles are high-quality and integrity.
Mr. Zhang – sales manger
Changzhou, Jiangsu province, China
We are a leading supplier of the venting products in China, USA, Europe and many other nations.
Pan Asian MicroVent Tech has excellent design, application service engineers and a large production capacity. It can offer you the best Microvent solutions to the problems of ventilation, heat elimination, protect from liquids, particles and airflow.

Pan Asian MicroVent Tech has ten years' production and application experience of composite material.

ePTFE membrane has excellent chemical stability, heat resistance and other properties. Pan Asian MicroVent Tech uses composite    ...  【MORE
Microvent’s high-quality packaging vents have been designed, engineered, tested, and manufactured – and proven in the marketplace – to meet every packaging requirement.
Our automotive vents, designed for a variety of specific applications, are reliable, durable, long-lasting, and, like all our vents, are of the highest quality. Hence their popularity in the automotive industry, including with such well-known corporations as General Motors.
In consumer electronics and many other devices, our custom protective vents – in some cases tiny – allow emerging sound quality and permit internal ventilation, while providing effective barriers against dirt and moisture.

Proof of the excellent quality of our vents and of our conscientious service level is the fact of our many customers in China, U.S.A., Europe and many other nations.
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