Aerogel insulation pad for power battery MV-EV cell-TIB


This product uses silica aerogel as a raw material to make a thin sheet of glass fiber felt composite with uniform thickness and heat insulation.

product description 

While new energy vehicles continue to improve the battery life and energy density of power batteries, the risk of battery pack fires due to heat storage is gradually increasing. This product has uniform thickness and excellentheat insulation, compositing with silica aerogel and thin sheet of glass fiber felt. It has ultra-low thermal conductivity and can be compressed slightly. This product only takes up a small amount of space to provide excellent thermal protection and buffering effect for the power battery cells. It can prevent the heat and electrolyte of the out of control cells from diffusing to the adjacent cells when the cells are out of control, and inhibit the spread of fire.


Very low thermal conductivity at both room temperature and high temperature.

High tensile strength, shear strength, compression strength.

Plastic encapsulation and no dust.

Hydrophobic, flame retardant.

Product application

Power battery cell insulation

Product physical 

Thickness (mm)22.53
Density (Kg/m3)400
Thermal conductivity rate
Operating temperature (℃)-20~650
Shear strength (MPa)1//
Shear modulus (MPa)12.5//
Compression rate@1MPa35%//
Specific heat capacity J/(g·℃)1.06
Roughness (μm)0.17

*Test data does not represent overall data